8-12 The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

8-12 ジョーイがレイチェルとデートする話



Phoebe: Hey! I got you a present!!
 (巨大な包みの前に立ち)ハーイ! プレゼント持ってきたわよ!

Chandler: Oh, my goodness! Where did you hide it?
 うわ、驚いたな! どこに隠してたんだ?

Phoebe: I got it for your wedding and I ordered it weeks ago, and it finally got here!

Chandler: Pheebs, you didn’t have to get us anything for our wedding you already sang…

Monica: I love it! It’s huge!! Let’s open it! Open it!!
 すっごい素敵! 巨大じゃないの! 開けましょ、開けて!(包みを破る)

Phoebe: It’s a Ms. Pac-Man machine!!

Monica: Oh, my God!

Phoebe: I didn’t know where to put it so I just left it here for now.

Monica: Oh, well, maybe we can put it in the guest bedroom.

Chandler: Yeah, okay. . . . I kinda like it here.

Phoebe: Do you really like it?

Monica: Are you kidding?! I practically spent my entire childhood at the arcade! This is like−Oh my, this is like my second favorite game!
 冗談でしょ? 私、子供の頃なんてずーっとアーケードで過ごしたのよ。これなんてもう・・私の二番目のお気に入りゲームよ。

Phoebe: Oh, really? What was your first?
 あら、そうなの? 一番は何?

Monica: Well, I-I really don’t remember the name of it.

Chandler: Well, what did it do?

Monica: Well, you just−you put a quarter in and you know pull-pull some handles and win like a candy bar or something.

Chandler: A vending machine?

Monica: Don’t feel bad for me! I won like every time!
 かわいそうとか思わないで! 毎回勝ったんだから!


Ross: Hey! Oh, I’m so glad you guys are here. I’ve been dying to tell someone what happened in the Paleontology department today.
 やぁ! みんないてくれてよかった。今日古生物学部で起きたことを、ずっと言いたくてたまらなかったんだ。

Joey: Do you think he saw us or can we still sneak out?
 (レイチェルに)俺たちもう見つかっちゃった? それともまだこっそり出て行ける?

Ross: Professor Newman, the head of the department is retiring, so….

Rachel: They made you head of the department!

Ross: No, I get to teach one of his advanced classes! … Why didn’t I get head of the department?
 違うよ。彼の上級クラスを受け継ぐことになったんだ! ・・・なんで学部長になれなかったんだろう?(コーヒーを取りに行く)

Joey: Oh! Hey, Rach, listen, umm…

Rachel: Yeah.

Joey: I got a big date coming up, do you know a good restaurant?

Rachel: Uh, Paul’s Café. They got great food and it’s really romantic.

Joey: Ooh, great! Thanks!
 おお、いいね! ありがと!

Rachel: Yeah! Oh, and then afterwards you can take her to the Four Seasons for drinks. Or you go downtown and listen to some jazz. Or dancing−Oh! Take her dancing!
 そうね、それから、その後お酒を飲むには、フォー・シーズンに連れて行くといいわ。それか、ダウンタウンに行って、ジャズを聴くのもいいわね。それか、ダンスよ。ああ! ダンスに連れて行くといいわ!

Joey: You sure are naming a lot of ways to postpone sex, I’ll tell ya…

Rachel: Ooh, I miss dating. Gettin’ all dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant. I’m not gonna be able to do that for so long, and it’s so much fun! I mean not that sitting at home worrying about giving birth to a sixteen pound baby is not fun.
 ああ、デートが懐かしいわ。ドレスアップして、おしゃれなレストランに行って。当分それはできないのね。本当に楽しいのよね! 16ポンドの赤ちゃんを産むことを心配してるのが楽しくないって言うわけじゃないけどね。

Joey: Hey, you know what?

Rachel: Huh?

Joey: Why don’t I take you out?

Rachel: What?! Joey, you don’t want to go on a date with a pregnant lady.
 えっ? ジョーイ、妊娠した女性とデートしたくないでしょ。

Joey: Yes, I do! And we’re gonna go out, we’re gonna have a good time, and take your mind off of childbirth and C-sections and-and giant baby heads stretching out…
 いや、行きたいよ! 行こうよ。楽しんで、忘れるんだよ。出産するとか帝王切開とか巨大な赤ちゃんの頭に伸ばされることとか・・

(C-section = Caesarean section, 帝王切開。シーザーがこうして産まれたと信じられていることから)

Rachel: Okay! I’ll go with ya! I’ll go! I’ll go with ya.
 わかった! 一緒に行く! 行くわ! あなたと行くから。

Joey: I’ll be fun.

Rachel: All right?


Phoebe: No. No! Yes! Ahh. Oh, would you look at that, Monica? I just knocked off all of your top scores, how sad.
 ダメ、ダメ! よし! ああ。ちょっとこれ見てよ、モニカ。あなたのトップ・スコアみんな消しちゃったわよ。悲しいわー。

Monica: Okay, I’m next. . . Don’t! Don’t start another game! I said I’m next! Phoebe!
 ね、次は私よ・・ダメよ。またゲーム始めちゃダメ! 私が次って言ったじゃない! フィービー!

Phoebe: Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you over all the winning.

Monica: Chandler! Phoebe’s hogging the game!
 チャンドラー! フィービーがゲームを独り占めする!

Chandler: Who cares? It’s a stupid game.

Monica: You only think it’s stupid because you suck at it.

Chandler: I don’t suck. It’s sucks. You suck.

Phoebe: Wait, okay, if this game is gonna cause problems between the two of you, then maybe I should just keep it.

Monica: No! No-no! I love it! It is a great present! In fact, why don’t you go home and wait for the thank you card?
 いいえ! ダメよ。大好きなんだもの! これは素晴らしいプレゼントよ。ほんと、あなた家に帰って、私からのお礼のカードを待ったら?

Chandler: Why do you want to play this game so badly?

Phoebe: Yeah! It’s not like it spits out a Clark Bar after every game.

ClarkBar.jpg(Clark Bar)

Monica: Okay. Phoebe, that’s it. Come on, get out−out of the chair. Come on, out of chair! . . Oh, come…Phoebe!
ちょっと、フィービー、もういい。ほら、降りて。椅子から降りるのよ。ちょっと、椅子から降りて! (モニカが引っ張るとフィービーは力を抜いてダラリとなってしまう)もう、ちょっと、フィービー!


Rachel: Joey? Could you get that? . . . What are you doing here? I thought you were in your room?
 ジョーイ? 出てくれる? (返事がないので自分でドアを開けに行くと、ジョーイが立っている)何をしてるの? あなた部屋にいるかと思ったわ。

Joey: No, I’m picking you up for our date. These are for you.

Rachel: Ohh, Lilies. Joey, they’re my favorite. Thank you.
 まぁ、百合ね! ジョーイ、私の好きな花よ。ありがとう。

Joey: And, a brownie!. . Well, half a brownie. Actually, it’s just bag. It’s been a long walk from the flower shop and I was starting to feel faint so…

Rachel: Oh, man! This is so great! I actually feel like I’m going on a real date! Although, I have a hint of morning sickness, and I’m wearing underwear that goes up to about…there.
 ああ、ほんと! すごくいい感じだわ! 本当にデートにでかけるような気がしてきたわ。でも、ちょっとつわりって感じもするし、下着はここまできてるけどね(ハイウェストの下着のゴムを引っ張って鳴らす)

Joey: Hey, come on now, this is a real date. Uh, so…nice place you got here. Foosball, huh? Pizza box. Oh, a subscription to Playboy, my kind of woman.

Rachel: Yeah, actually that’s my roommate’s.

Joey: I would like to meet him. He sounds like a stand up guy.

(stand up = 米語、誠実な、信用できる、正々堂々とした)

Rachel: Ah, yes, but he’s very protective of me so you’d better watch yourself.

Joey: Ah… Hey, so this roommate of yours…is he good looking?

Rachel: Hm-mmm.

Joey: Oh, yeah, it must be tough to keep your hands of him, huh?

Rachel: Yeah, but I’m pretty sure he’s gay.

Joey: No-no-no-no, he’s not! No! Why are you trying to ruin the game? Come on!
 おいおいダメだよ。違うよ! ダメ! せっかく盛り上げてるのに! なんだよ!


Ross: Which brings us back, of course, to Greely’s Theory of Dominance. . . Okay, that-that’s all for today. Oh, uh does anyone know where the Freeman building is?

Student: Yeah, it’s the new building on Avenue A.

スクリーンショット 2013-11-07 19.56.26.png(Avenue A)

Ross: What?! That-that’s all the way cross town, I’m supposed to teach a graduate seminar there in ten minutes.
 えっ? それじゃ街の向こう側じゃないか。僕はあちらで10分後に大学院の講義をすることになってるんだ。

Student: Ooh, dude. That’s not gonna happen.


Ross: Move it! Move it! Move it!! Hey!!! I’m the teacher!!
 どいて! どいて! どいて! ちょっと! 僕は教師だぞ!


Ross: Hello. I’m sorry I’m a little late. Ah−Whoa! A lot late. Let me start by uh, by introducing myself, I am Professor Geller. . . So to sum up, I’m Professor Geller. Good job today.
 どうも。ちょっと遅れてしまって申し訳ない。えー・・(腕時計を見て)ウワオ! すっごく遅れてしまって。自己紹介から始めよう、僕はゲラー教授。(ベルが鳴る)つまり、僕はゲラー教授でした。大変よくできました。


Rachel: Now the filet mignon, what comes with that?

Waitress: There’s a side of steamed vegetables.

Rachel: Emmm. Now, instead of the vegetables, is there anyway I could substitute the three-pound lobster?

Joey: You know what? Bring her both, and I’ll have the same.

Rachel: Wow! This is shaping up to be a pretty good date−Oh, I almost forgot. I didn’t pay you the rent check.
 ワオ! なんかすごくいいデートになってきたじゃない。あっ、忘れるとこだったわ。家賃を払わなきゃね。

Joey: Oh, whoa-whoa-whoa, no roommate stuff. Okay? We’re on a date.
 おいおいおい、ルームメイトの話はなしだよ、ね? デートなんだから。

Rachel: Okay. Wow! So I get to see what Joey Tribbiani is like on a date. So do you have any moves?
 わかったわ。ああ! それじゃ、ジョーイ・トリビアーニがデートでどんなふうなのか見せてもらおうっと。何か手があるの?

Joey: No! No. Umm, just myself and if they don’t like me for−. . . I’m sorry I couldn’t even get through that.

Rachel: I knew it! I knew it. Come on, tell me your moves.

Joey: Oh, alright. Umm, well, okay, I usually start by having a bottle of wine sent to my table from a fan.

Rachel: Oh, my God. And that works?!

Joey: Well, it does when you combine it with, "This is so embarrassing, I just want to have a normal life!"

Rachel: Oh, you poor little famous man.

Joey: Oh, okay, how about this one? I was gonna wait until the end of the night to kiss you, but you’re so beautiful…I don’t think I can.
 ああ、それじゃこれはどう? デートの最後まで、キスはとっておこうと思ってたんだけど、でも君は美しすぎて・・できそうにないよ。

Rachel: … Oh, my God! Wow! That was fantastic, I almost leaned in. I really almost did!
 ・・まぁ、すごいわね! ワオ! 夢みたい。私傾きかけたわよ。本当にほとんど!

Joey: Alright, so…so tell me one of your moves.

Rachel: Alright. So where’d you grow up?

Joey: That’s your move? Boy, Rach, you’re lucky you’re hot.
 それが君の手? ああ、レイチ、可愛くてよかったな。

Rachel: Come on, just answer the question!

Joey: Queens.

Rachel: And so were-were you close to your parents?

Joey: Yeah, with my mom. Yeah, not so much with my dad.

Rachel: Why not?

Joey: I don’t know. I guess there’s just always been this distance, you know−I mean, we both try to pretend it’s not there, but it is.

Rachel: Oh. . It’s gotta be rough.

Joey: Yeah, it is. It’s really tough. You know, sometimes I think−Wow!! Nice move!
 ああ、そうだな。ホントつらいよ。時々思うんだけど・・・ワオ! すごい手だな!

Rachel: Huh?

Joey: "Where’d you grow up," it’s so simple!

Rachel: Thank you! And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the rest room.
 ありがとう! それじゃ、失礼して、私ちょっとお手洗いに行ってくるわね。

Joey: Yeah.

Rachel: And now you’re watching me walk away.

Joey: Yes, I am! Again so simple!
 その通りだよ! 今度も本当にシンプルなのに!


Monica: Hey.

Chandler: You are not gonna believe what I did today!

Monica: Well, it clearly wasn’t showering or shaving.

Chandler: I got good. I played this game all day and now I rule at it! They should change the name of it to Ms. Chandler. . . Although I-I hope they don’t.

Monica: Wait a minute, you stayed home all day and played Ms. Pac-Man while I went off to work like some kind of chump?!

Chandler: Uh-huh, and I got all the top ten scores, I erased Phoebe off the board! High five!
 そうだよ。それでトップ・テンは全部俺だから、フィービーの名前は消したぞ! ハイタッチ!(手をあげるが、指が伸びない)

Monica: What is the matter with your hand?

Chandler: Well, I’ve been playing it for like eight hours, it’ll loosen up. Come on, check out the scores. Oh, and also look at the initials, they’re dirty words.

Monica: Chandler, why would you do that?

Chandler: Because it’s awesome.

Monica: You think this is clever?

Chandler: Well, you know, they only give you three letters, so after A-S-S it is a bit of a challenge.

Monica: Hey, wait a minute, this one isn’t dirty.

Chandler: It is when you put it together with that one.

Monica: Ah, well, if you don’t clear this off, you won’t be getting one of those from me. But Ben’s coming over here tomorrow to play this game, this can’t be there.

Chandler: Come on, he won’t even know what they mean.

Monica: Chandler! He’s seven, he’s not stupid.

Chandler: Have you talked to him lately?

Monica: All right, look, I’m just gonna unplug it.

Chandler: No-no-no, if you unplug it, I’ll have nothing to show for my day! It would be like I was at work. . . No! . . . Hey, look at that! Look at that, it’s still there! This thing must have some kind of primitive ROM Chip in it or something!
 ダメダメダメ! 電源なんて抜いたら俺の今日の功績が消えちゃうよ! 働いたぐらいな感じなのに。ダメ!(モニカが電源を抜くいて、またさす)おお、見ろ、見ろ! まだ残ってるぞ。相当古いROMか何か載せてるんだな。

Monica: Honey, you got to beat your scores!

Chandler: With the claw?!

Monica: All right, fine. Fine, I’ll do it. I’ve just got to get this off the screen. Carol and Susan are still upset that you taught him pull my finger.

(pull my finger = 指を引っ張ってみろと言って、相手が引っ張ると、放屁音をマネをしてみせる、チャンドラーの大好きなジョーク)

Chandler: Pull my finger. . . My hand is messed up.


Rachel: I am not gonna answer that!

Joey: Oh, come on! Just pick one! Between Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Ross if you had to, if you had to, who would you punch?
 いいじゃないか! いいから1人選んで! モニカ、フィービー、チャンドラーとロスの中から1人だよ。もし、どうしてもなぐらなきゃいけないとしたら?

Rachel: No one! They are my friends, I wouldn’t punch any of them.
 誰もよ! みんな友達よ。私は誰もなぐらないわ。

Joey: Chandler?

Rachel: Yeah, but I don’t know why. Look, I’m having such a wonderful time!

Joey: Me too! Hey, Rach, can I just say I think this is the best date I ever had!
 俺もだよ! なぁ、レイチ、これは今までで最高のデートだったよ。

Rachel: I know!

Joey: I never laughed so hard−Did you see the wine come out of my nose?

Rachel: Joey, I think everyone saw the wine come out of your nose.

Joey: I gotta say, I never knew I could enjoy the non-sex part of the date so much.

Rachel: Well, that is because you have never been on a date with me before.

Joey: Huh. Huh.

Rachel: All right, now don’t judge me. I normally wait till my date leaves, but you live here. I’m ripping into this swan.

Joey: Ah! Okay, well then you don’t judge me. I’m gonna suck on the cellophane from the brownie I had before.

Rachel: So tell me, what are Joey Tribbiani’s end of the night moves?

Joey: Ah, well, if I want the girl to kiss me, first thing I do is make my lips look irresistible.

Rachel: How do you do that?

Joey: Now you can’t tell anyone, but uh…I put on shiny lip balm.

Rachel: Oh, my God!

Joey: Yeah, like a moth to a flame, I’m telling ya. Okay, all right, so now you go.

Rachel: No, I don’t want to tell you.

Joey: Why not?

Rachel: Because it’s embarrassing.

Joey: More embarrassing than shiny raspberry lip balm?! … I didn’t say raspberry before, did I? All right, just-just tell me, Rach, just tell me!
 シャイニーラズベリー・リップクリームよりもか? ・・・さっきラズベリーとは言わなかったよな? ああ、もういい、言えよ、レイチ、いいから言えって!

Rachel: Okay. All right, stand up. . . Well, when we’re at the door, I lightly press my lips against his, and then move into his body just for a second, and then I make this sound, "Hmmm." Okay, I know it doesn’t sound like anything, but I swear it works.

Joey: Yeah. Why−Yeah, that would work for ya…

Rachel: All right, I gotta go to bed. Honey, I had such a wonderful time.

Joey: Oh. . Yeah. . . Me too.


Rachel: You were 50 minutes late to the class, what did you, crawl there?!
 50分も講義に遅れていったなんて、何してたの? 這って行ったの?

Ross: No, I ran. It was really far, and when did people stop understanding the phrase, "Get the hell out of my way!"

Rachel: Well, why didn’t you just take a cab?

Ross: Ugh, between the traffic that time of day and all the one-way streets it’ll take me twice as long. Besides, I teach the class three times a week, who am I? Rockefeller?

Rachel: Well, you’re not gonna be able to keep doing this.

Ross: Well, I have to. Okay? If I don’t, they’ll take the class away from me. And…I already put it in my family newsletter.
Rachel: Your what?

Ross: You’ve seen it, the Geller Yeller.

(Yeller = 大声で話す人)

Rachel: Right. Wow!

Ross: Besides, I-I think I figured out a much faster route, I’m sure I can make it this time. I just…I just can’t be afraid to get a little bit…hit by cars.

Joey: Hey!

Rachel: Hi! Hey, remember, last night we were talking about that movie Cujo?

Joey: Oh, yeah, I still can’t believe you haven’t seen Cujo. What is wrong with you?

Rachel: Relax! It’s not like it’s Citizen Kane!

Joey: Have you ever tried to sit through Citizen Kane?

Rachel: Yeah, I know it’s really boring, but it’s like a big deal. Anyway, I was thinking about renting Cujo sometime.

Joey: Oh, yeah? All right, let’s do it tonight.
 そうなのか? それじゃ、今夜見よう。

Rachel: Don’t you have that big date tonight?

Joey: Oh, right!

Rachel: Hey, Joey, can I ask you something?

Joey: Yeah.

Rachel: After our date last night, did you feel a little weird?

Joey: Oh, my God! You did too? It totally freaked me out, what was that?!
 ああ、なんだ! 君もか! あれ、本当に調子狂っちゃうよ。あれ何?

Rachel: I don’t know! … I’m-I’m kinda thinking it-it was the lobster…
 わからないわ! でも思うんだけど、ロブスターじゃないかな。

Joey: Oh, yeah-yeah, the lobster.

Rachel: Yeah, I mean, I was up sick all night.

Joey: Yeah, me too, all night.

Rachel: Really?! How come we didn’t cross paths?
 ほんとう? じゃあどうして会わなかったのかしら?

Joey: Yeah, well, that’s because uh…I stayed in my room. Yeah, you don’t want to look in my hamper.


Monica: Okay, I got that. I’ll escape over there. I’ll come back over here. All right, come on, Ms. Pac-Man. It’s got−Right−(She dies.) Well, you’re just a little bitch, aren’t you?
 よし、やったわよ。あなたのを消すわよ。私の復活よ。さぁ、来い、パックマン! やったわ・・ああ。(負けた)あなたってちっちゃなクソ女なんでしょ。

Phoebe: Hey, you guys. Listen, I’m sorry that I was hogging the game before−Oh, my God! Your friends have some unfortunate initials!
 ハーイ。ねぇ、この前はゲームを独り占めしてごめんね・・(トップテンを見て)まぁ、ひどい! あなたの友達ってかわいそうなイニシャルなのね!

Monica: They’re all Chandler.

Phoebe: Chandler sucks! He couldn’t have gotten this good!

Chandler: I did. . . But it came at a price.

Monica: But Ben is coming over tonight and he can’t see this.

Chandler: Oh, come on, by age seven kids have already seen orgies. . .Was it just me?!


Ross: Yeah!!!! Yes, I made it! I’m on time! . . Okay, why don’t we all uh, open our books to page 23. Where… Where you will see…a uh…a bunch of uh…red spots. Okay . . . umm, why don’t, why don’t you all start to read, while I−
 よし!! やった、着いた! 間に合ったぞ!(生徒の水のボトルを取って飲み、頭からかける)よし、それじゃ、みんな(苦しい息)23ページを開いて。そうするとそこには・・赤い点々が・・・よし、(本を閉じて)えー、みんな、みんなで読んで。僕はその間・・(卒倒)


Joey's Date: Hey. Are you all right? You seem a little distracted.
 ねぇ、あなた大丈夫? 何か考え事してるみたいだけど。

Joey: No-no! I’m fine. It’s just… Hey, can I ask you something? Have you ever looked at someone that you’ve known for a while and then suddenly…suddenly see them a different way?
 いや、いいや。大丈夫だよ。ただ・・ねぇ、聞いていいかな? 君、知ってる誰かのこと、急に・・突然違う目で見たことない?

Joey's Date: You mean like from behind?

Joey: Yeah. Yeah, that…that’s exactly it. Yeah.

Joey's Date: Ew, you know what? One time I saw this guy from behind and he seemed like a totally normal guy and then he turned around and it was Stephan Baldwin!

(Stephan Baldwin = ニューヨーク出身の俳優)

Joey: Ooh! Yeah. So yeah, so you know exactly what I’m talking about.
 そう! ああ。うん、それがまさに俺の話してたことだよ。

Joey's Date: Totally! Wow! . . Would you excuse me for a sec?
 わかったわよ! ワオ!・・ちょっと失礼していい?

Joey: Oh, yeah, sure. . . Ehhh.


Monica: Oh, my God, Phoebe, you’re on fire!

Phoebe: I know!

Chandler: One more score to go! You can do it!
 あと1スコアよ! 君ならできる!(肩に手を置く)

Phoebe: Don’t touch me!!

Monica: Don’t touch her!!

Chandler: All right! Go left! Go left! Go right!! Go right!!
 よし! 左へ行け! 左だ! 右だ! 右っ!

Phoebe: I can’t!! I can’t!! Noooooooo!!!!!!! You son of a bitch!!!!!
 行けない! 行けない! (負けた)ノーーー!!! こぉのサノバビーーッチ!!


Ross: Phoebe!!

Phoebe: Oh, hi, Ben−No!! Don’t look at the machine!
 あ、ハーイ、ベン。ダメよ! ゲーム機を見ちゃダメ!!


Rachel: Oh, God! Thank God, you’re home! I’m watching Cujo.
 ああ、よかったわ! 帰ってきてくれたのね! 私、クジョーを見てるのよ。

Joey: Alone?!

Rachel: Yes! But what is wrong with this dog?!
 そうよ! でもこの犬どうしちゃったの?

Joey: Hey, did you get to the part where they’re trapped in the car and Cujo’s throwin’ himself at the windshield?

Rachel: No! No! Seriously, what’s wrong with the dog?! Wait a minute, what are you doing home so early? What happened to your date?
 いいえ、いいえ! ホント、この犬どうなってるのよ? ちょっと待って。あなたどうしてこんな早く帰ってきたの? デートはどうなっちゃったの?

Joey: Oh, uh, it didn’t work out.

Rachel: Oh. Do you want to watch the rest of the movie with me?

Joey: Oh, uh, okay. Yeah.

Rachel: You know, I never thought I’d say this about a movie, but I really hope this dog dies. . . What are you doing over there? Come sit here, you protect me.
 まさか私がこんなこと言うとは思わなかったけど、でも、この犬死んでほしいわ。(ジョーイがスツールを持ってきて座る)あら、そんなところで何してるの? ここに来て座って、守って。

Joey: Oh, sure, yeah, why not?

Rachel: Okay. . . Okay, that’s him! That’s him! That’s Cujo! That’s Cujo!
 オーケー・・(プレイボタン押す)そうよ、あれがそうよ! あれがそう! あれがクジョーよ。クジョーよ!

Joey: All right, I know! I know. Yeah, it’ll be okay.

Rachel: Oh, my God….What’s he gonna do now? I can’t watch! . . . Oh. Seriously, how can you watch this? Aren’t you scared?
 オーマイゴッド・・今度は何してるの? 見てられないわ! (ジョーイを抱き寄せ胸に顔をうずめる)ああ、本当に、どうして見てられるの? 怖くないの?

Joey: Terrified.


Ross: So is everybody here? I got here a little early myself. Let us begin. Now, the hadrosaurids have been unearthed in two main locations. . . Here and . . here. . Now, as for the hydrosaurs…
 みんな揃ったかな? 今日僕はちょっと早くついたよ。始めようか。ハドロサウルス科は、主に2ヶ所で発掘されています。(地図を指しに移動すると、スケートを履いていることがわかる)ここと、ここ。さて、ハイドロサウルスはというと・・(スケートで移動し、ドアを通り過ぎてしまったりして、ポインターを折ってしまう)

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