4-10 The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie

4-10 ポキプシーの女の子の話



Ross: Hey!

Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe: Hey!

Ross: I’m sorry I’m late, did I miss anything?

Phoebe: Joey stuffing 15 Oreos in his mouth.

Ross: 15? Your personal best!
 15? 新記録じゃないか!(オレオを取ろうとしてジョーイに怒られる)

Phoebe: Where were you?

Ross: Oh, on a date. Yeah, I met this girl on the train going to a museum upstate.

Chandler: Oh, yeah! How did you meet her?
 そうなんだ! どうやって知り合ったんだ?

Phoebe: Oh, which museum?. . . No, answer his.
 あら、なんていう博物館? いいわ、チャンドラーのに答えて。

Ross: Okay, it was just me and her at the back of the train, and I sat near the door, so she’d have to pass by me if she wanted to switch cars. She was totally at my mercy.

Chandler: Were you so late because you were burying this woman?

Ross: No, I’m getting back down ‘cause she lives in Poughkeepsie. She seems really great, but she’s like, two and a half hours away.

Chandler: How can she be great if she’s from Poughkeepsie? . . That joke would’ve killed in Albany.

Joey: Done! I did it! Heh, who’s stupid now?
 食べた! やったぞ! ほらな、誰がバカだって?(笑うと歯が黒い)


Chandler: Hey, look at this! They’re lighting the big Christmas tree tonight.
 な、見てよ! 今夜、大きなクリスマスツリーの点灯だって!

Phoebe: Umm, that paper’s two weeks old.

Chandler: All right, who keeps leaving old newspapers in the trash?! I really wanted to take Kathy to this, I can’t believe I missed it.
 誰が古い新聞をゴミ箱にとっとくんだよ?! キャシーを連れていきたかったのにチャンスを逃しちゃうなんて!

Rachel: Hey, you know, at least you have somebody to miss that stuff with! I hate being alone this time of year! Next thing you know it’ll be Valentine’s Day, then my birthday, then bang!−before you know it, they’re lighting that damn tree again. Ohh, I want somebody! . . You know, I want a man!! . . I mean, it doesn’t even have to be a big relationship, you know, just like a fling would be great.
 あなたはいいわよ。少なくともあなたには、それを一緒に逃しちゃう相手がいるんだもの! この時期に1人って本当にイヤ! 気がつくと、バレンタインデーでしょ、そして誕生日、そしてバン! あっという間にまたツリーに明かりが灯るのよ。ああ、誰かいないかな!(ガンターが来る)ねぇ、男がほしい! (ガンター立ち去る) これだっていう関係でなくてもいいわ。ちょっとした遊びでもいいのよ。

Chandler: Really?! I didn’t think girls ever just wanted a fling.
 本当に? 女の子が遊びでいいと思うとは思わなかったよ。

Rachel: Well, let me tell you something, it’s been a long time since I’ve been flung.

Joey: Well, I know what I’m giving you for Christmas.

Chandler: You know what? There’s some nice guys at my office, do you want me to set you up?

Rachel: Yeah! Wait a minute, it’s been a long time that I’ve been single. How come you never offered this before?
 ええ! ちょっと待って、私ずいぶん長い間1人でいるのに、なんで今まで紹介してくれなかったの?

Chandler: Well, I have a girlfriend, I’m happy. So, I no longer feel the need to go out of my way to stop others from being happy.

Rachel: Okay! No accountants. Oh, and no one from like legal. I don’t like guys with boring jobs.
 いいわ! じゃ、会計はダメ。それから法律関係もダメ。退屈な仕事してる男は好きじゃないの。

Chandler: Oh, and Ross was like what? A lion tamer?
 ああ、それじゃロスは何だった? ライオン使い?

All: Hey!

Phoebe: What’s wrong, Mon?

Monica: Oh, everybody at the restaurant still hates me.

Phoebe: Oh.

Monica: I thought I was making headway, everyone was smiling at me all day, I get off work and I find out that they wrote this (puts on her chef hat) on my chef’s hat. (The hat says ‘Quit, bitch’)
 ちょっとは前進してると思ったのよ。今日ずっとみんな私に向かってにっこりしてたの。でも仕事が終わって、こう書いてあるのに気づいたの、(Quit Bitch(辞めろクソ女)と書かれたシェフ帽子をかぶって見せる)私の帽子に。

Phoebe: Hey, maybe they meant to write, ‘Quiet, bitch.’
 もしかしたら、Quiet, bitch(黙れクソ女)って書いたつもりだったのかもよ。

Rachel: Hey, honey! What’s the matter?. . Fine, I was just trying to be nice!

Monica: I mean, I have not been picked on this much since kindergarten and they had to bring in someone from junior high to do the see-saw with me.

Joey: Ohhh!

Monica: I mean, they’re trying to do everything they can to make me quit, and if there were any other job, I would. But this is something I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

Rachel: Well, wait a minute, you’re the boss! Why don’t you just yell at them? Or, fire them?
 ね、ちょっと待ってよ。あなたボスなのよ。叱りつけたら? 辞めさせるとか?

Monica: I would love to, but I can’t! I mean I just can’t, you know that I’m not good at confrontation.

Chandler: Hey, you know what you can do? I remember reading about this director, I think it was Orson Wells, who at the beginning of the movie would hire somebody, just so he could fire them in front of everybody. Then they would all know, who’s boss.

Joey: Hey, Mon! I’m not doing anything, why not you fire me?
 そうだ、モン! 俺今何もしてないから、俺をクビにしろよ!

Monica: It’s a good idea! Wait, do you know how to waiter?
 それいいアイデアね! 待って、あなたウェイターの仕事わかる?

Joey: Good enough to get fired.

Monica: All right, you’re hired!

Joey: Hey! That must be why I got fired last week! Does this Orson Wells guy direct Burger King commercials?
 そうだ! 先週俺がクビにされたのもそのせいだな! そのオーソン・ウェルズって人、バーガーキングのコマーシャル監督する?

Chandler: . . . Yes.


Chandler: I say, Drew! Are you seeing anybody right now? Oh, I’m not asking for me, I’m… I mean… No, I’m-I’m not gay, I’m not asking you out. I’m not-I’m not-I’m not gay!
 ドリュー! 今誰かとつき合ってる? あ、いやいや、僕が誘ってるわけじゃないよ、これは、その、いや、僕はゲイじゃない。君を誘ってるわけじゃない。僕は・・僕はゲイじゃない!

Drew: I didn’t think you were gay. I do now.

Chandler: See, my friend-my friend, Rachel, she wants to be set up.

Drew: Ahh, I just got out of a big relationship, I’m not looking for any thing serious.

Chandler: Oh, you know what, that might be okay even if it was just kind of a fling, that might be all right with Rachel.

Mike: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Is this, hot Rachel, that you took to the Christmas party, Rachel?
 おいおいおい! それって、それってあのホットなレイチェル? 君がクリスマス・パーティに連れてきたレイチェル?

Chandler: Oh, by the way, that is her full name.

Mike: Oh wow! I’m free for her!
 ワオ! 僕フリーだよ!

Drew: Oh, wait a second! I didn’t say I wasn’t free!

Mike: Hey, Chandler, why don’t we talk this over at the Ranger game tomorrow?

Drew: Hold on, you know I just got a box of Cubans, maybe I bring them by your office around uh, five?

Chandler: Oh, well, that’s a little later than I generally care to stay, but sure!

Mike: Maybe, before the game we could enjoy some eight-year-old small batch Basil Haydens.


Chandler: Well, I don’t really know what that is, but let’s!!


Phoebe: Hey! You guys, I’m writing a holiday song for everyone. Do you want to hear it?

Monica, Rachel, and Joey: Yes!

Phoebe: Happy Hanukkah, Monica! May your Christmas be snowy, Joey! Happy New Year, Chandler and Ross. Spin the dreidel, Rachel!
 ハッピー・ハヌカー、モニカ! 雪が降るといいね、ジョーイね、ハッピー・ニュー・イヤー、チャンドラーとロス、回せドライデル、レイチェル!


Rachel: Pheebs, that’s great!

Phoebe: Oh, yay!

Rachel: But you know umm, Rachel doesn’t rhyme with dreidel.

Phoebe: I know but it’s so hard! Nothing rhymes with your stupid name!

Joey: What are you talking about? Lots of things rhyme with Rachel. Bagel. Mail. Jail. Bail. Cable. Maypole.
 何言ってるんだよ! レイチェルって名前はいろいろ韻を踏むぞ、ベーグル、メイル、ジェイル、ベイル、ケーブル、メイポール。

Phoebe: All good, thanks. Do you maybe have, like, a nickname that’s easier to rhyme?

Monica: Didn’t your dad used to call you Pumpkin?

Rachel: Oh yeah!

Phoebe: Pumpkin? Yeah. But did he ever call you like, Budolph?
 パンプキン? そうね。でも、なんかブドルフみたいな名前で呼ばなかった?


Chandler: Hello, children!

All: Hey!

Chandler: Have I got the 50 guys for you!

Rachel: Really?!

Chandler: Oh yeah, I just showed this a picture of you and guys were throwing themselves at me! They’re buying me drinks! They’re giving me stuff! . . Knicks tonight?
 ああ。君の写真を見せたら、男達が俺に群がってきたよ。みんな俺に飲み物買ってくれた! いろいろくれるんだ! (ジョーイに)今夜ニックスのゲーム行く?

Joey: Sure! Where are the seats?
 もちろん! 席はどこ?

Chandler: Wherever! I’ve got like 20!
 どこでも! 20席くらいある!

Rachel: So, will I like any of these guys?

Chandler: You know what, I’m gonna uh, play the field just a little bit more.

Rachel: Chandler!

Chandler: Guys are signing over their 401Ks to me.


Phoebe: You work with robots!!

Chandler: . . . Yes. . Okay, there’s this one guy, Patrick, I think you’re gonna like him, he’s really nice, he’s funny, he’s a swimmer.

Rachel: Ohh, I like swimmer’s bodies!

Chandler: Yes, and his father invented that magnetic strip on the back of credit cards.

Rachel: I like credit cards!

Chandler: See, I’m not bad at this fixing up thing, huh?

Rachel: Well, so what does he do?

Chandler: Oh, he works in the Fine Foods division.

Rachel: Your company has a fine foods division?

Chandler: It’s a big company, I don’t−if you−I…

Joey: Now, wait a second! You make food and robots?
 ちょっと待てよ! おまえ食品もロボットも作るのか?

Phoebe: No! No, the robots just work for them.

Monica: All right, I’m gonna go to work. Does anybody have a problem with that?

Joey: Yeah, lady, I do! I got a problem with that!
 ああ、レディ、あるとも! 問題あるぞ!

Monica: You want a problem? I’ll give you a problem!
 問題が欲しい? ほしけりゃあげるわよ!

Joey: Oh, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna fire me?
 なにするっていうんだ? クビにするのか?

Monica: You bet your ass, I’m gonna fire you! See you later.
 お尻でも賭けなさいよ、クビよ! じゃあまた後でね。

Joey: Thanks.


Ross: Oh, wow! I should get going. I got a date tonight.

Chandler: Oh yeah! With who?
 そうなんだ! 誰と?

Ross: You know that girl I told you about who lives up in Poughkeepsie?

Chandler: Yeah.

Ross: Not her. Yeah, this is someone else I met, and I-I can’t decide between the two of them. You know the one from Poughkeepsie, even though she’s a two hour train ride away, is really pretty, really smart, and-and a lot of fun. But this other girl, well, she lives right uptown. You know, she’s, well she’s-she’s just as pretty, I guess she’s smart, she’s not fun.

Phoebe: If she’s no fun, why do you want to date her at all?

Ross: Well, I want to give her another chance, you know? She lives so close. And, at the end of the date, the other time, she-she said something that was−if she was kidding was very funny. On the other hand, if she wasn’t kidding, she’s not fun, she’s stupid, and kind of a racist.
 まだわからないだろ? すごく近いしさ。この前のデートの終わりに何か言ったんだけど・・もしあれが冗談なら、すごく楽しい子だよ。でも、もし冗談じゃなかったら、彼女バカだよ。それに人種差別者だ。

Joey: Hey!

Ross: Hey!

Chandler: Hey, man!

Phoebe: Hey! Ooh, how was your first day working at the restaurant?

Joey: Damn!
 しまった! (駆け出していく)


Joey: Hey.

Monica: Hey.

Joey: Hey, what happened to your fancy chef’s jacket?

Monica: They baked it. I can’t take this anymore. I’m gonna call a meeting tonight, I’m gonna fire you tonight.

Joey: You got it! Oh-oh!
 わかった! おっと!(モニカの服の焼けている部分を叩く)

Monica: What are you doing?!

Joey: It’s still a tiny bit on fire there.

Monica: Thanks. . . I think you got it!


Rachel: Chandler!! You have the best taste in men!
 チャンドラー! あなた男を見る目があるわね!

Chandler: Well, like father, like son.

Rachel: Patrick and I had such a great time last night! I mean, I think this could maybe turn into something serious.

Chandler: Really?! I thought you weren’t looking for something serious? I thought you were looking for some kind of a fling.
 本当に? 真剣なつきあいがしたかったんじゃないと思ったけど? 遊びでよかったんじゃないの?

Rachel: Well, you know, possibly. You didn’t tell him that, though? Right?

Chandler: Ummmmmmmm, no.

Rachel: You told this guy that I was looking for a fling?! You don’t tell the guy that!
 私が遊びたがってるって言ったの?! そんなこと男に言っちゃダメでしょ!

Chandler: Why not?! I’d be thrilled if I heard that some hot girl was just looking to get−oh, I see.
 なんで? 俺だったら喜んじゃうよ、もし可愛い女の子がそんな・・・ああ、わかった。

Rachel: Oh, between you telling him that I wanted to have a fling and me putting out on the first date−oh, he’s so gonna get the wrong idea.


Monica: Hey, Joey, could you pass the cheese?

Joey: Yeah. Listen uh, I’d prefer it if you didn’t call me Joey. Since I don’t know anyone here, I thought it’d be cool to try out a cool work nickname.

A Waiter: Hey, dragon! Here’s your tips from Monday and Tuesday.
 おい、ドラゴン! 月曜日と火曜日のチップだぞ。

Joey: There’s like-there’s like 300 bucks in this one!

The Waiter: Yeah, people get pretty generous around the holidays. And it never hurts to wear tight trousers.

Monica: Okay. Could the waiters gather around to hear tonight’s specials? Okay, first there is a Chilean Sea Bass prepared with a Mango relish on−Why is nobody writing these down?
 はい、ウェイターさん達集まって、今夜のスペシャルを聞いてくれる? では、まず最初に、マジェランアイナメのマンゴー風味・・どうして誰もメモしないの?

The Waiter: Because we can remember them.

Monica: Because your all gonna make up fake specials and make me cook them like you did the other night?

The Waiter: Well, sure, that too.

Monica: Okay, forget the specials for a minute. Umm, all right, here’s the thing, for the last two weeks I have umm, tried really hard to create a positive atmosphere…
 スペシャルのことはちょっといいわ。いい? 聞いて。この2週間、いい雰囲気作りをしようと頑張ってきたわ・・

The Waiter: Can’t hear you!

Monica: A positive atmosphere! But I-I-I have had it up to here. . From now on, it is going to be my way, or the highway! All right? Does anybody have a problem with that?!! . . Hey, new guy! I said, does anybody have a problem with that?!
 いい雰囲気! でも、でも、もう我慢もここまで来てるわ(手を頭の上に)これからは、私のやり方で行くわ。それがダメなら出てって。いい? 問題ある人いる?(チップが気に入ったジョーイは手を挙げない)ねぇ、その新人さん、問題ある人いるかって聞いたんだけど?

(my way or the highway = 私のやり方に従えないなら出て行け)

Joey: No ma’am.

The Waiter: Hey! He has a name, it’s Dragon. Do you wanna know your name? Check your hat. We did the hat, right?
 おい、彼には名前があるんだぞ。ドラゴンっていうんだ。自分の名前知りたい? 帽子を見ろよ。(他のウェイターに)帽子に書いたよな?


Monica: What the hell happened?!

Joey: I am so-so-so sorry. I was gonna do it! Really! But I was standing there with 327 dollars in one hand and 238 dollars in the other hand, and I was thinking, "Wow! It’s been a long time since I had… 327 + 238 dollars!"
 本当に本当にごめん。そうするつもりだったんだ、ほんと! でも、片手に327ドル、もう片方に238ドル持って考えちゃったんだ。「ワオ、久しぶりだよ・・・327プラス238ドル持つなんて!」って。

Monica: Joey, we had a deal. That-that’s why you’re here! I’ve got to fire you!
 ジョーイ、約束したじゃないの。そのためにあなたここにいるのよ! あなたをクビにしないと!

Joey: And I gotta pay rent! Look, how-how about this? You don’t fire me, instead I stay here, I gain their trust, and they’ll start listening to all the nice things I’ve been saying about you.
 そして俺には部屋代があるんだ! なぁ、こういうのはどう? クビにしないで、その代わり俺はここに残ってみんなの信用を得て、そしてみんな俺がいう君のいい話を聞くようになる。

Monica: What kinda things have you been saying?

Joey: Well, nothing yet, they really hate you and I want to fit in.


Phoebe: Happy, happy Hanukkah, Chandler and Monica. Merry merry…

Chandler: Oh, you know, you know what, Pheebs?

Phoebe: What?

Chandler: I’m not Jewish, so…

Phoebe: So! Ross doesn’t really decorate his tree with floss, but you don’t hear him complaining do you? God!
 それが? ロスは綿でツリーの飾り付けをしないけど、それでも文句いわないでしょ、もう!(ロスが目を覚ます)

Chandler: Bad dream?

Ross: I wasn’t sleeping.

Chandler: Oh yeah, then uh, what was Phoebe’s song about?

Ross: The one with the cat. I gotta go. I’ve got another date.

Phoebe: So, did you pick one yet?

Ross: No, it turns out that the one from uptown was making a joke. But it was a different joke than I thought−it wasn’t that funny. So I’m still torn.

Phoebe: Well, look, you don’t really like the one from uptown and you’re too exhausted from dating the one up in Poughkeepsie, so I say you just end them both. Okay? You take a train up to Poughkeepsie and break up with her, and on your way back you break up with uptown. And then by the time you get home tonight, you’re done!
 ねぇ、あなた近くに住む子は本当に好きじゃなくて、それにポキプシーの子とデートするには疲れちゃってるでしょう。だから、2人ともやめなさいよ。ね? ポキプシーに電車で行って別れてきて、帰りに近くに住む子と別れたらいいのよ。そうすれば、今夜家に帰った頃には、終了よ!

Ross: You know what? You’re right. Thank you.

Phoebe: I had a similar problem when I lived in Prague.

Chandler: Prague?

Phoebe: So much you don’t know.


Rachel: Chandler! Patrick just uh, ended things with me. Did you or did you not tell him that I was looking for a serious relationship?
 チャンドラー! パトリックに、もうつき合いはやめにするって言われたわ。あなた、私が真剣なつきあいをしたがってるって言ったの、言ってないの?

Chandler: I did! I absolutely did!

Rachel: You idiot!!

Chandler: I’m sure you’re right, but why?

Rachel: You don’t tell a guy that you’re looking for a serious relationship! You don’t tell the guy that! Now you scared him away!
 真剣なつきあいをしたがってるなんて男に言っちゃだめでしょ! そんなこと普通言わないでしょ! 彼を怖がらせちゃったじゃない!

Chandler: Oh, man. I am sorry, I am so-so sorry.

Rachel: You know, you should never be allowed to talk to people!

Chandler: I know! I know!

Rachel: Oh! See, just I’m right back where I started! Aww, this sucks! Being alone, sucks!
 ああ! ほらね、もう最初に戻っちゃったじゃないの! ああ、もう最悪! 1人ぼっちって最悪!

Chandler: Well, you know, you’re-you’re gonna meet somebody! You’re a great catch! You know when I was telling all those guys about you, I didn’t have to lie once.
 なぁ、絶対誰かに出会えるよ! 君はすごい魅力があるもん! 君のことみんなに話すとき、ウソつかなくてもよかったもんな。

Rachel: Really?

Chandler: Yeah! You graduated Magma cum Laude, right?
 そうさ! 優秀な成績で卒業したんだよね?

Rachel: No.

Chandler: Oh, it doesn’t matter. Hey, you know what? I’ve got two tickets to tonight’s Rangers game, you wanna come with me?

Rachel: Cute guys in little shorts? Sure.
 短パンのキュートな男達? 行く。

Chandler: Well, actually it’s a hockey team, so it’s angry Canadians with no teeth.

Rachel: Well that sounds fun too. Thank you.

Chandler: Okay. . . Have you ever been with a woman?

Rachel: What?! Chandler, what is the matter with you?!
 なに?! チャンドラー、あなたどうかしてるわよ!

Chandler: So there is no good time to ask that question.


The Conductor: The next station is Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie!

The Woman From Poughkeepsie: Ross? Ross! Wake up! Ross! Ross! Ross!! Ross!!! Ross!!!!
 (窓の外から)ロス? ロス! 起きて! ロス! ロス! ロス! ロス! ロス!!(眠るロスを乗せたまま発車)


Monica: I need more swordfish. Can you get me some more swordfish?

Kitchen Worker: I don’t speak English.

Monica: You did a minute ago!

Kitchen Worker: Well, I don’t know what to tell ya!

Monica: Fine! . . . Okay! Very funny! Somebody let me out, please?! Come on, I’m cold! And covered in marinara sauce! Come on! Let me out!
 いいわよ!(自分で冷蔵室へ取りに行くと、ウェイターがドアを閉める)ちょっと! おもしろいわね! 誰か出してよ、お願い! ちょっと! 寒いわ! マリナラソースまみれよ! 頼むから! 出して!(自分でドアを開ける)

The Waiter: You found that handle, did ya?

Monica: That’s not funny.

The Waiter: Well that’s not true.

Monica: I’m a good person. And I’m a good chef, and I don’t deserve to have marinara sauce all over me! You know what? If you want me to quit this bad, then all you have to do is…
 私はいい人間よ。そしていいシェフだわ。こんなマリナラソースまみれになる覚えはないわ。いい? そんなに私に辞めてほしいなら、あなたたちただ・・

Joey: Hey! Chef Geller! You know that little speech you made the other day? Well I got a problem with it!
 おい! ゲラーシェフ! この前の演説だけどな! 俺問題あるぞ!

Monica: You do?

Joey: You bet I do! I just ah, wasn’t listening then, that’s all.
 ああそうさ! あの時は聞いてなかっただけだ。

Monica: Well, if you want a problem? I’ll give you a problem!
 そう。問題が欲しいのね? じゃあ問題あげるわよ!

Joey: What are you gonna do? You’re gonna fire me?
 どうする気だ? クビにするってのか?

Monica: You bet your ass I’m gonna fire you! Get out of my kitchen! Get out!! . . All right! Anybody else got a problem? How ‘bout you Chuckles? You think this is funny now?
 お尻でも賭けるのね! クビよ! 私のキッチンを出てって! 行って!(ジョーイ出て行く)さぁ、誰か文句ある? その笑ってるあなたは? これおもしろい?

The Waiter: No.

Monica: How about if I dance around all covered in sauce? Huh? You think it’s funny now?
 じゃソースまみれで踊ったら? どう? これおもしろい?

The Waiter: No, it’s really good.

Monica: Good! Now, take those salads to table 4. And you! Get the swordfish! And you! Get a haircut!
 よし! そのサラダを4番テーブルに持っていって! それからあなた! メカジキ取ってきて! そしてあなた! 髪切ってきなさい!


The Conductor: Last stop, Montreal. This stop is Montreal.

Ross: What?

Woman On Train: I made a bet with myself that you have beautiful eyes. Now that I see them, I win.

Ross: What?

Woman On Train: We’re at my stop. But would you like to have coffee?

Ross: Are we really in Montreal?!

Woman On Train: Yes, we are. So, coffee?

Ross: Coffee sounds great. Wait, so, so you live in Montreal?

Woman On Train: Oh, no. But it’s just a two hour ferry ride to Nova Scotia.


Joey: Well, I guess I should’ve thought about my wife and kids before I talked back to chef Geller!

Monica: Thanks.

Joey: Yep! Looks like it’s gonna be a lean Christmas at the Dragon house this year.
 ああ! これじゃドラゴン家はわびしいクリスマスになりそうだなぁ!

Monica: Enough!

Joey: Lean-lean-lean!


Phoebe: Went to the store, sat on Santa's lap. Asked him to bring my friends all kind of crap. Said all you need is to write them a song. They haven't heard it, so don't try and sing along. No, don't sing along. Monica, Moncia, have a happy Hanukkah. Saw Santa Clause, he said hello to Ross. And please tell Joey, Christmas will be snowy! And Rachel and Chandler, have err-umm-glander!!
Happy holidays, everybody!
 (歌)お店のサンタの膝に乗って、友達にしょうもないものを贈ってと頼んだの。歌を自分で贈ればいいって。まだ聞いたことないんだから、一緒に歌おうとしてもダメ。一緒に歌わないでね。モニカ、モニカ、ハッピーハヌカー! サンタクロースに会ったら、ハロー、ロスだって。ジョーイに伝えて、クリスマスは雪で白い! そしてレイチェルとチャンドラー、○×※▽井●!!

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